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Why Hire a Guide?

In this, the age of DIY everything, you may be Pinterested to know that there still are a few good reasons to ask for a little help every once in a while. 

Sure, you can You Tube a few pointers from a clip or two, or watch reruns of Bill, or Roland, or one of the many made for TV fishing shows, but to really experience fishing and especially, fishing here at Lake Fork, there is no substitute for on-the-water experience. 

The great outdoors is an amazing classroom for all of us and when you’re outside, engaged in nature, having a guide to answer questions about the area, the fishing conditions, new spots and techniques or even tell stories of previous trips can really make a trip fun.

Fishing is as much about the stories of “the ones that got away” as it is about mastering a new technique. A good trip can be a great trip if is filled with great conversation. Here are some thoughts to make hiring a guide as painless and as enjoyable as it should be:

  1. What you will learn

    When you go fishing with a guide, at least a good guide, the biggest bonus you will experience may not be just in the number of fish you catch, but in what you learn. Most good guides love teaching people new things and helping them not only catch fish, but understand why.

    You will learn new techniques and sharpen your fishing skills and that’s going to help you catch fish even after your trip ends.

  2. Try new gear

    Let’s be honest, it’s seemingly impossible to know what to buy: rods, reels, braid or mono line, lures, cents, terminal tackle, and so on ... maybe even boats, motors, and specially electronics; there are just too many!

    Getting to test quality equipment under the tutelage of a guide that uses it day in and day out can be a huge advantage. You can bet that your guide will have seasoning and experience for choosing the gear he/she puts in their boats.

  3. Catch more fish

    Now, I don’t want to get you overly excited, but hiring a local, knowledgeable guide will help you catch more fish. It’s because they are on the water all of the time! All waters, in my opinion, and especially Lake Fork, are dynamic systems with hundreds of variables ever-changing over the years and throughout the seasons.

    Most guides fish their home waters year-round and in doing so, strive to understand and keep up with the changes. It’s like your grandpa said, “It’s hard to beat experience.”

    Your guide is going to know where the fish are and why they are there. Shorten your learning curve, no guesswork, or at least reduce the “Hey, over there looks good!” time wasting scenarios.

  4. It's safer

    Let’s be practical, water kills. If you’re going fishing, you’re heading to water. Hiring a guide that knows the water and its hazards and is possibly trainedin things like CPR, first aid and cold-water immersion situations could save your life.

    Not something that is always considered in hiring a guide, so you might just ask your prospective hire if he/she has any basic emergency training. Ever try to get a treble hook out of our own hand? – I think you get the picture.

  5. It's easier

    Let the guide handle everything. The boat, gear, safety, fishing, arrangements, where to go, what to use... the list goes on. When you hire a guide all you should need to do is FISH! Take the stress out of the situation and enjoy your experience.

    There are several very talented guides listed in this publication. Call one, or call them all, and just talk to them about your trip’s wild desires and real expectations. Chances are very good that one of them will be well suited to realize your hopes of a memorable trip here on Lake Fork.

    And maybe, just maybe, your next cast will be the fish of a lifetime and your trip to Lake Fork will be the time when a memory is made. Good luck and be safe.

Cameron Burnett - Lake Fork Guide

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