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Fishing Regulations

Fishing Regulations

for Lake Fork


Don't Get Fined

Know your regulations!

Fishing at Lake Fork is a bucket list line item for many avid fishermen. Annually, anglers come from all over the United States and many foreign countries to test their skill against one of the most wary fish populations in Texas. Whether a seasoned angler or just a beginner, knowing the rules and regulations in effect at Lake Fork will save the a sportsperson the potential heartache of catching the fish of a lifetime, possibly in a tournament, only to be disqualified by an unknown regulation or statute. Experienced anglers should know the specific regulations applicable to his targeted species before wetting the first hook. Please familiarize yourself with the following current rules regarding your prey. Information provided by Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

For Additional Information

Contact the Wood County Game Warden (903.763.2201) or visit the Texas Parks & Wildlife website.

Black Bass

For largemouth bass, length limit is a 16-24” slot. Bass less than 16 inches or 24 inches or greater in length may be retained. Only one bass 24 inches or greater may be retained each day. For smallmouth bass (if present), minimum length is 14 inches. No minimum length on spotted, Guadalupe, and Alabama bass (if present.) Daily bag limit for all species is 5 black bass in combination.


Crappie: Black and White

For black and white crappie caught from December 1 through the last day of Feb-ruary, there is no minimum length limit and all crappie caught must be retained.From March through November, minimum length is 10 inches. Year-round daily bag limit is 25 crappie in any combination.



For channel and blue catfish, their hybrids and subspecies, minimum length limit is 12 inches and daily bag limit of 25 in any combination. For flathead catfish, minimum length is 18 inches and daily bag limit of 5 fish.



There is no minimum length limit or daily bag limit for common carp.


White, Striped, and Yellow Bass

For striped and hybrid striped bass, minimum length limit is 18 inches and daily bag limit of 5 in any combination. For white bass, minimum length is 10 inches and daily bag limit is 25. There are no bag or size limits for yellow bass.



For alligator gar, daily bag limit is 1 fish of any size. No bag limits on other species of gar. Certain areas may be temporarily closed to alligator gar fishing when optimum spawning conditions occur.



There is no minimum length or daily bag limit on Bluegill, Redear, Warmouth, or other species of sunfish.